Over 80 percent of popular bread brands contain cancer-causing chemicals

(NaturalNews) Before you make that next sandwich, you may want to read the list of ingredients on your bread bag label – because there’s a very good chance that it may contain carcinogens.A food additive used in bread called potassium bromate has been in the international…


Try Out These Popular Fitness Classes, Right in Your Living Room

You don’t have to be a student going back to school to be nervous about the first day of class. When you’re starting a new fitness routine it can feel like there are tons of classes at your fingertips, but it’s stressful to figure out which one is the right fit for you. Fears of being slower than everyone else in the class or not knowing what to do can be as nerve-racking as navigating the hallways of high school.

So if the fear of being labeled the newbie has stopped you from attending, you’re in luck; we’ve got 10-minute workouts for every popular class. From Zumba to CrossFit to Pop Physique, keep clicking to find the workout video for you.