The Most Inspiring Fitness Stories of 2014

Finding motivation to work out and eat healthy is not easy – but there are some people who move us to really stick to our goals no matter how many challenges we face. This year, we came across a few stories of strength and perseverance that made our own personal goals seem just a little more achievable. Check out the people who made us smile, cry, and gasp at everything they managed to accomplish, and get ready for enough inspiration to last you for years to come.

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The Most Effective Ball Exercises Everyone Should Be Doing

Don’t just walk by your stability ball! It’s one of the best fitness tools you can own, so put yours to good use with these incredibly effective moves. Get ready to target your arms, abs, butt, and legs – you’ll definitely be sore tomorrow. Remember, size does matter! It’s best to work with a ball appropriately sized for you, so check out this exercise ball chart to see which dimension best fits you.

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