High cancer rates occur near St. Louis creek contaminated with nuclear waste; government says no connection, blames cancer on ‘poverty’

(NaturalNews) Unfortunately, when the U.S. dropped two atomic bombs over Japan, the Japanese weren’t the only ones that suffered immediate and long-term adverse health effects. During the early 1900s, atomic bomb production took place at more than 30 sites across the U.S., the United…


Vegan Foods That Are High in Vitamin B12

I’m not a full-fledged vegan by any means, but I’m up for trying a delicious animal-free meal every now and then. But even when going vegan on occasion, I can see how careful you must be when planning what to eat, including thinking carefully about nutrition.

Of course, since vegetables are the stars in a vegan diet, there’s no lack of options that are chock-full of vitamins – except for ones only found in animal products, like vitamin B12. And while vitamin B12 deficiency is rare, the nutrient is essential for maintaining a healthy nervous system as well as healthy blood cells, so it’s important to get enough in your diet. Most women need 2.4 mcg of the vitamin a day (a little more if you are pregnant or breastfeeding).

Since the best sources of B12 come from meat, fish, eggs, and chicken, long-time vegans may need to look to other sources to make sure their levels of B12 stay full. Besides taking a vitamin supplement, which vegan-friendly foods are high in B12? Find out after the break.